Natasha Sheppard

Serial Multi-Founder Entrepreneur


Hey, I’m Natasha!

Guess you can say I’ve always been into making something out of nothing and using technology to help me get there. I would call myself a “serial entrepreneur”. As a kid and all till now I always seem to come up with business ideas. I even made my first REAL business off of the idea that I cut off all my hair and thought I could make my own hair products. And yea, I DID THAT (shoutout CurlShoppe, which I now run with my best friend and biz partner). I self-taught myself Shopify and its “liquid” code, on top of using HTML & CSS to build my e-commerce website. At the same time, I also just really enjoy helping out other entrepreneurs develop their own business(es). Hence why I started another business with my boyfriend, hustl works, where we help other entrepreneurs turn their passion into a paid hustl.


What i do and why i do it

Interesting to ask myself, “who is Natasha Sheppard"?”. I like to think of myself as a simple woman who’s always on-the-go, looking forward to new opportunities and self-growth, consistently challenging myself. I love both technology and business and being able to “speak both languages”, breaking down the barrier and simplifying. Working with others to take their ideas to fruition and grow their business. I’m a people-person and love engaging in conversation with other entrepreneurs, further growing my network and building value. In saying all that, if you’d like to connect with me then give me a shout and let’s see where we fit!


experience // engagements

HUSTL WORKS, co-founder, entrepreneur community (e-courses)

January 2019 - Present

Having business and IT as my specialties, it only seemed right to package my knowledge together in an easy to digest format. Helping others, who may also be in the 9-5 and passion project hustle, quickly and efficiently get their business built in less than a month and under $1000! A passion project curated together with my boyfriend, Sanjay Pinnock (he’s a creative director, check out Sanjay’s profile).


Curlshoppe, founder & ceo, curly hair product brand

January 2015 - Present

CurlShoppe is a curly hair brand with naturally-based products that cater to all curls, kinks and coils. Owned and operated by 2 curly hair women of colour (myself and my best friend Rowan McAnoy) based in Toronto; we even did a podcast episode with the eProject. This business is my baby, and really catapulted me into the world of entrepreneurship and have opened up many doors. Still not paying ourselves (always reinvesting), we work hard to continue to grow this ecommerce business into a Canadian household name for curly hair. If CurlShoppe fits with your brand, let me know if you would like to collab as we are always looking for opportunities to build in the curly community!

rbc, it project manager, business initiatives and strategy

December 2018 - Present

Since graduating in June 2014, I jumped right into my career within Business Technology and joined RBC. I was so happy to have gotten a job within my field. I strengthened both my interpersonal skills and technology knowledge while diving deeper into project management. Still currently my 9-5 as I continue to work on building my own empire and on the way to becoming a millionaire (just wait on it). I save thousands of dollars annually through my (consulting) strategies and know my way around tackling issues and providing solid solutions.


January 2008 - Present

I started off coding with HTML back in the day when it came to TDotWire (anyone remember that?). I loved figuring out how to change the colour of my scroll bar, add flashing graphics and other cool stuff. From then I knew that I had an interest in website coding and thus pushed me towards getting my degree in Business Technology Management. I continued to build other websites and one of the main ones was definitely my website for CurlShoppe. I hosted it with Shopify and expanded on my HTML skills by designing my website with custom codes using CSS, Javascript as well as Shopify’s native coding language: Liquid. From here I started working with other entrepreneurs like Deon King (King Catering) and Mike Rousseau (AuxGod Game), continuously expanding my clientele.




Curly Hair
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business commerce degree (major)


Project Management
business planning
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Business and Information Systems
Change Management
Communication in ITM
Managing Interpersonal Dynamics
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
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location: toronto, ca